28 December 2009

I love LOVE Shabby Chic!

No I am not starting a whole new hobby. But, I did a lil bit of scrapping today...

A very very close and long term friend of mine is getting engaged this FRIDAY! heee COOONGRATULATIONS RINA!!! aku pulang excited. Anyway, she asked me for some help to decorate her folder that will be used on that day.

So, for the very first time I bought something from Shabby Chic. Pretty coool~

I usually just go in and only browse since i dont really have a reason to buy. Now, I have a reason to buy!!! ANyway, I splurged (on stickers) for the very first time. Splurge...because well usually if I want stickers it would just cost $1 each. haha di mubarak :P.

AAAAAnyway, I bought pearls and crystals stickers! the bling bling ones! and a grey scrap paper. During lunch, on a monday, masa bonus urang keluar (surprisingly inda that overcrowded...hmm), during my bf's lunch break. so yeahhh...time constraint, pusing pusing the shop, kiyal kiyal mencari~ cos i had an idea, but i didnt exactly know how it will look like. Haha.

But im surprised they had what I wanted... SO this is what I got.

After spending the afternoon, with scissors, cutter, printer... and Glee! (2nd round), here it IS!

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