21 December 2009

Kirana Creations v.2

Assalamualaikum You Guys...atlast I am a little bit free.

Anyway, do u guys remember a few posts that I have made sometime in June this year??, on a designer called Sharifah Kirana. The designer which I have received an email from (baca saja post ku dulu, faham kamu tu...I was over the moon), the same designer that made Linda Jasmine's Nikah Dress and the beading class for RM $200 that she offered! (see here and here) owh and and P.S: If you look at Sharifah Kirana's blog, Rai Ranie Designs is in her Blog List!

Anywayyy...during the long weekend holiday, what do you know~~ An article all about Sharifah Kirana was featured in the recent Weekend Borneo Bulletin, dated 19 December 2009. One of Brunei's English Newspaper! Its a good read!


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