22 January 2010

It's a wrap!

It has been a while since I am here! I actually did it on purpose though. I needed to settle down with work and actually balance time with family, friends, him and myself. But now! I am back!

As u realised, I haven't really had the time to accept orders yet. But I have been beading my working clothes. some are just too plain. But nothing new for me to show. So, what my plan is to do what i did last year! Fashion! Smashion!

I do catch up with the current trend/catwalk but not as much as i want to. I remember it was around this time last year that i went to LFWE in London. I wonder when Kuala Lumpur's fashion week is on/at? Anywayssss (Trivia: the word anyways is not grammatically correct/make sense, it should be 'anyway' --> but everyone is doing it, maybe its just a slang, for shizzle, ma nizzle. got me? But then again, what am I to say about correct grammar, my grammar is down the drain - as in both english and malay. ) errr...

Anyway, i love the fashion at this time of the year, around half way through winter and almost to spring. many sheers and floral designs. and all the flowy flowy tops! Like what i found Donna Karan. If i am not mistaken, the higher end of DKNY (as my bf says it 'Dayang Ku New York') I love it how there is still some movement in this top yet it manages to hug your body. bukan macam nangka bebungkus.
i think it cost around B$2500. But, if! you know any tailor in brunei who can do this! I soooo want my baju kurung top to look like this. maybe lengthen the sleeves (Kimono-ish style sleeves). Lovely~

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