23 February 2010

23rd February

wow, I don't know why but it feels like it has been ages since I have a full day all to myself. I don't really have time to work, study, socialise and bead! I miss sewing beads and other embellishments. I really do not want to stop doing what i did.

Here is my typical week.

A Typical Monday
6 a.m: IM Awake! (supposedly)
6.30 a.m: Finally leave my bed
6.45 a.m: Figuring out what to wear. Right now I have around 14 pasang of baju kurung suitable for work. This means i have to rotate it every 2 weeks! Eurgh. It feels like i am wearing a uniform. I should cut more baju, but I just cut 6 pasang in December! INSANE.
6.58 -7.03 a.m: Rushing all over my room, the dining area and the house. all over my house because i sometimes leave my car keys *Ngok!*, my PHONE! or my teet - teet pass (security pass).
7.15 a.m: Traffic Jam! - around Bunut area
7.30 a.m: Still in the Traffic - around Batu 1 area
7.40 a.m: STILL IN THE FREAKING TRAFFIC - around Mabuhai.
7.43 a.m: Arrived at the Level 2 Basement Parking! Hooray.
7.45 a.m: Waiting for the lift.
7.45 a.m: Yes, 7.45 (*wink wink*) Arrived at My desk In the office. Phewwwwwwhhh.
7.45 a.m until 5.30pm (earliest that we could go!): meeting, food, discussions, food, presentations, food. lunch out. then, meeting again. preparing slides. meeting. food. meeting. food. busy bee.
5.45 p.m - 8.30 p.m (this varies): Work is done! It is time to go home.
15 -20 minutes later: I AM HOME! I KNOWWW! I can't believe it took 15 freaking minutes to go home. But 45 minutes to go to the office in the morning. Sheeeeeeeeeeeessshh!
15 minutes after that: Freshen up, make-up and figuring out what to wear.
15 minutes after that: Time to go out for dinner, movies and errands. Out .
11pm: Finally home. Exhausted.
11.30pm: Online. Facebook. Email. How I met you mother. Chuck. House. TBBT.
12 a.m: Sleep.
1 minute after that: Snore. (Just to emphasise how tired I usually am.)

THAT IS MY TYPICAL MONDAY! Infact, that is my typical weekday! And here is my dilemma. Other than work and going out, I am actually doing this chartered course (Exam is on 6th of June *FUDGE*) on every other sunday, and on the other every-other-sunday I usually do my revision *eyes looking to the ceiling* (so most Sundays are basically gone).

How!!! I need to catch up with my friends! I need to catch up with my mum, my family! I still do not have any time to bead! In fact, time for myself even! I don't know how. I am always tired.

Now, you guys understand, why i can't accept any order AS YET. I am just not settled yet. I can't organise my time. I just want some time! to workout and lose weight and to bead and make beautiful baju kurung! I have so many plain baju kurung that need to be bead! So, I am looking forward to this weekend. FREE TIME!

Don't get me wrong, I love my job! I do not wish to be working at anywhere else in the world. But i just need some extra time to do whatever i want. Like bead, and designing and making dresses!



16 February 2010

Need some free time...

I went to Shabby Chic again.

For a few more permintaan!!! Its fun! But instead of using the hard cover folder, i made this from scratch! with some fancy velvet craft paper (kain beludu~).

This would be $25. (yup, blame the embellishments! not cheap. but gorgeoussss....)

This one opens like a book. I did it last week. 3 colours with black and white velvet paper and pink pearl.

I did this a few days ago. the occasion is on Valentine's Day. This opens infront slightly to the left. I added gold ribbon to keep the cover together. The green designs are velvet as well. With green pearl!

01 February 2010

Detour: $$$

This act as an advice not only for you but a reminder for me too.

The credit card issue have caused quite a stir in Brunei. With regards to what i have posted previously, it is important to point out that, we need to prioritise our wants and needs. *yawn*

I love bostons. I love everything luxury and brands. well not overpriced ones. well wait, branded things are always overpriced. hmmm... well who doesnt love a nice arm candy. but this is not my point!

whenever you want to buy things, things that is not that important (i mean COME ON im sure you can live without a gucci bag), always remember, susah susah awal, senang senang kemudian. my point is... if that bag cost $1000, and u want it, SAVE! if it means $100 a month, or $500 a month. DONT SHOP ON CREDIT (credit card, loan, pinjam kawan). PRIORITISE. make a (mental) list of your wants and needs. Im sure gucci bag is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the list. But, its good to dream on it. act as a motivator. no?

I just think that, if you really want something, you should save and let it act as a motivation for you to work and everything. Unless you are, or married to, or soon to be married to, the daughter of, a millionaire! hahaha. or a crook. *cricket* SO if it means you can't save, you cant afford it in the first place. nothing wrong about that. Thats like me eyeing for a crocodile skin Birkin. (not even birkin, designer bags generally). or an ostrich skin bayswater. Its wayyyy beyond my league.

Random right. But im sure you get my drift.

Disclaimer: it is a sensitive topic. BUT bare in mind this applies to anyone disregard of your salary, allowance, wage whatever. if you have 100 a month kah, 500 a month kah, 1000 a month kah, 10 000 a month kah, know what u can afford and what you cant. its that simple. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. wake up and smell the fresh air: IT REALLY WORKS.

u (I) just have to know. I would like to apologise in advance in case you disagree or anything. I understand how hard it is for some ppl. I just think with all the stuff that i posted, the crazy price tag, it is one thing to want it, it is another to know what you can get and what you cant. be rational.



Detour: Gucci Paravanda Frida Special Edition Boston

Not really a fan of boston, since you can get it for $50 at an expo in Brunei.

BUT! Look at the orchid. words can't explain my love for this bag. Singapore edition. Limited to 78 pieces only. keluar 6th February 2010. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! wish i knew sooner! Price, like a typical boston. $1280.

i love the colour! the design! the flower!