23 February 2010

23rd February

wow, I don't know why but it feels like it has been ages since I have a full day all to myself. I don't really have time to work, study, socialise and bead! I miss sewing beads and other embellishments. I really do not want to stop doing what i did.

Here is my typical week.

A Typical Monday
6 a.m: IM Awake! (supposedly)
6.30 a.m: Finally leave my bed
6.45 a.m: Figuring out what to wear. Right now I have around 14 pasang of baju kurung suitable for work. This means i have to rotate it every 2 weeks! Eurgh. It feels like i am wearing a uniform. I should cut more baju, but I just cut 6 pasang in December! INSANE.
6.58 -7.03 a.m: Rushing all over my room, the dining area and the house. all over my house because i sometimes leave my car keys *Ngok!*, my PHONE! or my teet - teet pass (security pass).
7.15 a.m: Traffic Jam! - around Bunut area
7.30 a.m: Still in the Traffic - around Batu 1 area
7.40 a.m: STILL IN THE FREAKING TRAFFIC - around Mabuhai.
7.43 a.m: Arrived at the Level 2 Basement Parking! Hooray.
7.45 a.m: Waiting for the lift.
7.45 a.m: Yes, 7.45 (*wink wink*) Arrived at My desk In the office. Phewwwwwwhhh.
7.45 a.m until 5.30pm (earliest that we could go!): meeting, food, discussions, food, presentations, food. lunch out. then, meeting again. preparing slides. meeting. food. meeting. food. busy bee.
5.45 p.m - 8.30 p.m (this varies): Work is done! It is time to go home.
15 -20 minutes later: I AM HOME! I KNOWWW! I can't believe it took 15 freaking minutes to go home. But 45 minutes to go to the office in the morning. Sheeeeeeeeeeeessshh!
15 minutes after that: Freshen up, make-up and figuring out what to wear.
15 minutes after that: Time to go out for dinner, movies and errands. Out .
11pm: Finally home. Exhausted.
11.30pm: Online. Facebook. Email. How I met you mother. Chuck. House. TBBT.
12 a.m: Sleep.
1 minute after that: Snore. (Just to emphasise how tired I usually am.)

THAT IS MY TYPICAL MONDAY! Infact, that is my typical weekday! And here is my dilemma. Other than work and going out, I am actually doing this chartered course (Exam is on 6th of June *FUDGE*) on every other sunday, and on the other every-other-sunday I usually do my revision *eyes looking to the ceiling* (so most Sundays are basically gone).

How!!! I need to catch up with my friends! I need to catch up with my mum, my family! I still do not have any time to bead! In fact, time for myself even! I don't know how. I am always tired.

Now, you guys understand, why i can't accept any order AS YET. I am just not settled yet. I can't organise my time. I just want some time! to workout and lose weight and to bead and make beautiful baju kurung! I have so many plain baju kurung that need to be bead! So, I am looking forward to this weekend. FREE TIME!

Don't get me wrong, I love my job! I do not wish to be working at anywhere else in the world. But i just need some extra time to do whatever i want. Like bead, and designing and making dresses!



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