01 February 2010

Detour: $$$

This act as an advice not only for you but a reminder for me too.

The credit card issue have caused quite a stir in Brunei. With regards to what i have posted previously, it is important to point out that, we need to prioritise our wants and needs. *yawn*

I love bostons. I love everything luxury and brands. well not overpriced ones. well wait, branded things are always overpriced. hmmm... well who doesnt love a nice arm candy. but this is not my point!

whenever you want to buy things, things that is not that important (i mean COME ON im sure you can live without a gucci bag), always remember, susah susah awal, senang senang kemudian. my point is... if that bag cost $1000, and u want it, SAVE! if it means $100 a month, or $500 a month. DONT SHOP ON CREDIT (credit card, loan, pinjam kawan). PRIORITISE. make a (mental) list of your wants and needs. Im sure gucci bag is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the list. But, its good to dream on it. act as a motivator. no?

I just think that, if you really want something, you should save and let it act as a motivation for you to work and everything. Unless you are, or married to, or soon to be married to, the daughter of, a millionaire! hahaha. or a crook. *cricket* SO if it means you can't save, you cant afford it in the first place. nothing wrong about that. Thats like me eyeing for a crocodile skin Birkin. (not even birkin, designer bags generally). or an ostrich skin bayswater. Its wayyyy beyond my league.

Random right. But im sure you get my drift.

Disclaimer: it is a sensitive topic. BUT bare in mind this applies to anyone disregard of your salary, allowance, wage whatever. if you have 100 a month kah, 500 a month kah, 1000 a month kah, 10 000 a month kah, know what u can afford and what you cant. its that simple. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. wake up and smell the fresh air: IT REALLY WORKS.

u (I) just have to know. I would like to apologise in advance in case you disagree or anything. I understand how hard it is for some ppl. I just think with all the stuff that i posted, the crazy price tag, it is one thing to want it, it is another to know what you can get and what you cant. be rational.



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