26 March 2010

Colourful things are always nice...

Especially on white! Here are a couple of tops/tunics that i find very nice in the recent Garden Collection by H&M. Soooo prettyyy.


23 March 2010

If only

If only I have 1000pounds lying around. I would get this. This would be my ultimate travelling bag. And I added my initials.


21 March 2010

Detour: LV

I have a dilemma. I am considering an investment. And no, its not a term deposit or anything that substantial. altho, I might do that this year. things to do in 2010. you know, saving untuk kawin. woot woot. I still want that GBP 9k Tiffany & Co Legacy Engagement Ring. but, Can't I buy it for myself? I feel it's evil to ask my future husband to get it for me. (I'm kidding!)

Anyway, enough of that nonsense, the investment that I am talking about is on my next handbag. Yes, I don't just buy designer bags on impulse, okay? I think about it, I think real hard, even too hard (apparently), weigh the pros and cons. Just like traditional investments. It needs to be analysed, what potential benefit will I get, what are the opportunity costs if I choose this investment (in this case, a handbag) and not the other. Just like buying a car. OMG, don't get me started about buying cars. let's save that for another day. *stress* Anyway, bags. The last thing I want is to have, why-did-i-buy-this-bag moment. cannot have regrets.

I always thought my first bag (after i work) would be a Prada or a Chanel flap bag. But, let's face it, I don't want to bid farewell $4000 of my hard-earned moolah in the first few months just for a chanel!! not yet. So, I have decided (yes yes dgr saja tia cerita ku ani), to start my handbag portfolio in peringkat (phases or levels, whatever you think makes sense). Instead of going full out on a bag, like a $4000 bag! I am gonna start based on the handbag's price in ascending order. So, for example, for now it will just be $500 on a bag, then next time maybe $750, then the next time $1000 etc etc. So by the time i am 40, I might be considering the gazillion dollars 35cm Crocodile skin Birkin. (Lol!). Dui, By then they will have something like, Hermes Gisele or Hermes Heidi or sumthing. No harm in wishful thinking, you may never know, it might come true. Like how every second, I imagine there is a red hot Ferrari in my garage. No harm. no harm at all. *cuckoo~*

Anyway, sekalinya kan, I am considering a Neverfull in Monogram (not planning to get the Damier -checkered- one, it is more modern, but a handful of people have it).

fine Fine FINE! I know every person has Neverfull, I know you can get the immitation at any expo in Brunei at one tenth of the price, I know there are better bags with that price! But it's a classic! I can wear it forever. I can put my files for meeting, I can put my mini laptop if i want to, I can use it for travelling and Heck, I can use it to put milk bottle and pampers for my anak nanti! ANd I am buying it not because I 'feel' like it, it's celebrating another chapter of my life. I need to start somewhere, no? You should be surprised why i did not get it when I was in UK last year, that is because, I spend most (if not all) of my savings to travel around Europe! Let's just say, it was equivalent to several neverfull. But never regret a single second. :D

So yeah, that's what is in my head right now. Pretty useless come to think about it. But everyone has their selfish moments. :P Let see what happens. :)

PS: Owh, In case u misunderstood me, I don't crap money (as Chandler Bing said). Fully aware that $ doesn't come easy. Duh, thats why I have this website in the first place. Daddy always tell me, credit are only for emergencies. Not on materialistic wants. so, I save. then spend for materialistic stuff. If I can't save, I dont get. not spend then pay. :D Am I a good daughter or what? :P


Every sunday, an hour before I get ready for a jemputan, this is what i do, I stare and stare and stare at my Not-So-Big wardrobe. I have NOTHING to wear all the time. This is what I realise, since I wear baju kurung to work everyday, I don't really feel like wearing typical working baju kurung for jemputan. I want something fancier! But, let's face it, i can count my baju jemputan with my fingers.

So ladies, I am on a mision. I want to make baju kurung for jemputan! So as usual, when I am short of ideas, I always go to the loyal net-a-porter for ideas. And guess what, I remembered I want something with black lace. and I found it again! This time its a new arrival by Stella McCartney. I love her style. Always elegant and feminine yet structured. Pretty. Anyway, I am gonna make my baju kurung like this!!

as in, I want it to fit like this, no random bubbles or loose fitting. I am gonna mix it with black duchess satin instead of all lace. i dont want it to be full lace. it will be rather tacky. I did it once. I looked like i was from the 17th century. *cringe- memory go away* Well, people learn from mistakes. So, don't be afraid to make mistakes! That's how you learn. *random*. :)

Owh, I went to Nazmi last week. And I saw this lace, what attracted me was not the colour or the design but the price tag (lol!). It was around $200 per meter. And I kid you not, it looks like the typical $50 per meter lace. I didn't understand why it was so expensive, so i ask the saleslady to take it out for me. Then, i understand why it was expensive. It was VERY VERY SOFT. feels almost like silk. Nyaman. And, I gave a puppy dog stare to my darling, he didn't let me buy it. (Owh well, atleast I tried.)

PS: I am leaving for UK in 2 weeks for my graduation baybehhh! I can't wait!

10 March 2010

Knock Knock

I miss blogging. I miss sewing beads. I miss designing. Did you know when I have free time at the office, I sketch. Currently, my only solution is Swarovski Crystal. But I think it is too much for work.

But soon, I have some baju kurung siap this sunday and I cant wait to bead it! Bead it! So till then maybe.?

I wish I have more things to say. But I dont. Aku boring masa ani. And If i want to do something, I actually need to have energy to do it. And I am just not bothered to do it. EXHAUSTED.

Hugs. Promised myself to bead soon. :) I want my baju to be gorgeous.