21 March 2010


Every sunday, an hour before I get ready for a jemputan, this is what i do, I stare and stare and stare at my Not-So-Big wardrobe. I have NOTHING to wear all the time. This is what I realise, since I wear baju kurung to work everyday, I don't really feel like wearing typical working baju kurung for jemputan. I want something fancier! But, let's face it, i can count my baju jemputan with my fingers.

So ladies, I am on a mision. I want to make baju kurung for jemputan! So as usual, when I am short of ideas, I always go to the loyal net-a-porter for ideas. And guess what, I remembered I want something with black lace. and I found it again! This time its a new arrival by Stella McCartney. I love her style. Always elegant and feminine yet structured. Pretty. Anyway, I am gonna make my baju kurung like this!!

as in, I want it to fit like this, no random bubbles or loose fitting. I am gonna mix it with black duchess satin instead of all lace. i dont want it to be full lace. it will be rather tacky. I did it once. I looked like i was from the 17th century. *cringe- memory go away* Well, people learn from mistakes. So, don't be afraid to make mistakes! That's how you learn. *random*. :)

Owh, I went to Nazmi last week. And I saw this lace, what attracted me was not the colour or the design but the price tag (lol!). It was around $200 per meter. And I kid you not, it looks like the typical $50 per meter lace. I didn't understand why it was so expensive, so i ask the saleslady to take it out for me. Then, i understand why it was expensive. It was VERY VERY SOFT. feels almost like silk. Nyaman. And, I gave a puppy dog stare to my darling, he didn't let me buy it. (Owh well, atleast I tried.)

PS: I am leaving for UK in 2 weeks for my graduation baybehhh! I can't wait!

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