28 May 2010


it's ok to expose a lot of skin on my wedding this is what i would wear...

Okay fine not this grey one, but it'll make an awesome maternity party dress.
THIS SEXY DRESS. how the lace sticks to the body. the soft colour combination. the shade of purple. gorgeous!

omg! picture below!! lawa ni kalau baju kurung!!!


21 May 2010

My Tailor. Care to share?

Remember ages ago, when I said there should be reviews on tailors in Brunei. I am planning to do just that! Now that I have some spare change, it is time to EXPERIMENT!

Basically, give the tailor my designs and rate it when it is done! with pictures, prices, fittings, and quality... sounds good right?

In fact, if you have any baju kurung that you would love to share (include price, the type of kain, where your tailor is, picture of you wearing it, how did you hear about them). Email me at rairanie@hotmail.co.uk. This will be fun!

Hari ini sangat panas.

Don't you just love fridays. I mean, hellooooo free time. Fridays are usually a pampering day. But today is different ! I went to HOKKO. It has been AGES! I miss it so dearly. Even though i previously thought it is extortion.

And guess what I got, laces. I have always thought that laces are quite tacky for baju kurung. Because when it doesnt fits it reminds me of lapik meja dulu dulu. haha. I got one in purple (apparently the latest one) and a brown one. They cost around $10 per meter. and i dont really need a lot so it was not really an extortion. And they packed it in this cute organza drawstring bag (pic above). Cute kan?

One thing that i love about HOKKO is the baju kurung designs (manik and cutting) on the mannequin (sp?). OMG. If you don't have any idea what your baju raya will be...RUN TO HOKKO NOW... there's one in orange (plain kain), just on the right of the entrance in kiarong. GORGEOUS. i just stood there staring at it. I KNOW that will be the design for my baju raya. I just know! there was chemistry. Ill do a sketch of it soon. :D Just to prove my point.