18 July 2010

I am BACK!

Like every year,

One month before puasa I accept orders for Raya. Trust me if only I can do this full time, 365 days a year I would. But, I am employed and as my boss says, there is only 24 hours in a day. Well, he got that right. I have the coolest bosses ever. They are funny, rational and they make good decisions. they know what they want. So, we (the subordinates) don't end up going in circles.

Alhamdulillah, I was invited to go to padang this year for HM's 64th birthday with a few of my colleagues. For the first time! So bare with me. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY Your Majesty! What are the chances for HM to read this). And we received the invitation only a week before the day! And yes, being a normal girl, I panicked, my colleagues pun panicked. Some went straight away (after work) to 1st Metro and some got their laces from Nazmi.

I had plain black kain and top that i often use for work (match it with a patterned top/skirt) and no I am not a lawyer, I don't have the capacity to be a lawyer. I can only read one paragraph at a time. If numbers, maybe I can. As long as there's excel. Heh. My point is! I don't wear plain blacks to work. But It's important to have plain blacks in your closet (be it pants, t-shirt, tudong, top, tresses etc) . Black is a must have, not a colour. And this applies to eye shadow too.

So, with only 1 week to spare. 1st thing in my head was lace ber meter from HOKKO or this shop di serusop besides Secret Recipe (yet to know the name but I love the shop!). So I went to HOKKO. The black laces (cost around $10 per meter) were pretty. But, somehow, typical. Besides I was planning to do something different.

After a good half an hour, I got 2 meters of this black fringe ($1.50/m only) very cabaret style . I sew it on the bottom of my baju yet not at the end and design some flowers with beads (ofcourse) to cover it and sprinkle some Swarovski Crystal above it. Voila! I have always wanted to have fringe at the end of my baju kurung. And I am glad I did it.

PS: Don't you get starstruck whenever HM is in the same place as you. I'm 24 and I still feel the Heebeejeebees. Peace Out.

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