30 August 2010

Enough Raya Cakes?

For Relatives? Friends?

Quality, Daily made, Beautiful Cakes made with Love from $2! Super duper perfect for Raya.

For more info, click below.

Nona Magazine

As usual, every year, I couldn't wait for the Ramadan/Aidilfitri issue of Nona Magazine. Their baju kurung designs and beadworks are jaw-dropping!

Here are some that caught my attention which makes me wish I have a personal tailor at one's expense!
Observe the sleeves. I love the cape baju kurung. SO DRAMATIC. Very Cruela De Vil.

V-Neck, slimming. Very common for tunics.

I love the sleeves and compensated by a tight-fitted body.

I like how the slit is done to only the chiffon and not the lining. and pointed at the front. very slimming.

layered! this is a refreshing makeover to the old layered baju kurung. black on plain fabric. lovely.

Darn. should've gotten more 3 toned chiffon.

Have you gotten your Raya baju yet?

Ahad's Burger

Have you realised how it has become a trend in Brunei for burger vendors to make their own beef/chicken patties?

Today, I tried AHAD's. My god, dari last year sudah ku tau. But this year barutah kan merasa. Good god me! There were mixed review about it. It was in a new location (good news: on the way home from work :D) Around the Jln Tutong Kilanas area. It was pretty popular.

They also make their own sauce.

But, i still prefer the good ol' mayo and chili sos or Jollibee's pink burger sauce. Now, I feel like having Jollibee's cheeseburger.

27 August 2010

Closed for Raya.

Assalamualaikum Ladies,

I am currently waiting for a customer to send me baju.

But before I forget, I would like to inform you that I will stop accepting beading orders by this Sunday, 29th August 2010. I have a few orders to do now.

The previous price still applies.

  1. Highlight - $50 (simple)
  2. Highlight - $100 (heavy)
  3. Hujung baju and sleeve - $ 10 - $50 (depends on the thickness)
  4. Manik on Embroidery - $30 - $50
  5. Free-hand designs - $30 - $50
  6. Authentic Swarovski Crystal 100pcs (campur pasang) - Normal size - $10
  7. Authentic Swarovski Crystal 100pcs (campur pasang) - Large size - $20
Lastly, I can't thank you enough for consistently visiting jahitmanik, texting me and sending me your baju kurung.

Thank You. Don't hesitate to text me at
(Yup, there is a change in my contact number)

Luv, Rai.

Pre-Raya Love

Weekend Holiday!

Atlast, the three days holiday that I have been looking forward to. I am currently beading one of the customer's baju. I love beading so much! I can't believe I miss it this much.


The house smells like a bakery shop. Love it! If only I have a tailoring shop and bakery shop next to each other. Maybe in 10 years time. I'm still growing for my wedding fund.

Anyhoots, during her summer holiday, my sister tend to bake bake bake baaaaake saja. Usually for friends, friend's relatives, relatives or any occasions di masjid, mum's office, sedekah neighbours. But this year, she is doing the full swing and accepting orders for Sungkai and Raya! I am so proud of her! My sister has some orders for her cake balls and kek batik Vico. I love it. I love the taste and I love the smell it makes to the house! Smells like Raya!

Bye bye.

16 August 2010

It's here.

Selamat Menunaikan Fardu Ramadhan!

Something to stare at before Sungkai. I'm Kiddinggg...

Happy Ramadhan

15 August 2010

Too good to be true!

I have always been a fan of Zanottis. From the first time I layed my eyes on a pair of boots in their boutique in Sloane Street, London. I wonder where I can get one in Asia? Anyhoots, GZ makes custom made wedding shoes now. Maybe this has been going on for a while. Never knew. OMG. I'm going to faint.

An Edible Flap Bag

What a surprise! Look what I got from Jakarta!

Well I don't have one to wear yet, but this sure beats a box of chocolate.
Apparently, it's 100% chocolate. But I don't know yet. it might be a cake. I haven't even open the box yet, it's too pretty (actually, i'm just waiting for it to turn into a real bag).

Messi the Kitty

Saya ada seekor kucing.
Nama kucing saya ialah Messi (well, it's better than World Cup).
Saya sangat sayang kucing saya.

People, bear with me. It has been a while since we have kittens! It's a silver Siamese Kitty. Hence, why it is 'skinny'. And Na, if you are reading this, she is pampered and has a 24hour supply of kitten food (and water). So, it ain't underfed. Love you, Na. Haha!

The reason for me to come home early from the office. (I need to have a life.)

How Now Brown Cow?

Sedentary Lifestyle. When you do work, you sit down. When you are driving, you sit down. When you are on the phone, you most probably will be sitting down, even when You eat, you are sitting down. LAMPOHHHH!

This doesn't help with all the delicious food that I have been having in the office.
How Now (that I am a), Brown Cow?

Have you sent yours?

Why can't tailors open at night, fridays AND sunday?

This year, all my raya baju will be from Al-Jauharah Boutique (it's above the older CA Mohammad in Gadong). I KNOW! omg. All my baju raya is sent to ONE tailor. A risky decision. But i don't really have a choice! I was too late. Cross my fingers, hope they won't spoil my bajus. all four of them. GAH.

Bought more kain, but there are no tailors who are willing to sew it by RAYA! And mind you this was two weeks before Ramadhan. Tried: Hokko, Lauren, Anyati's, Voir. *sigh* Pooop.

Unless, I have one week off, and I can make my own baju. Hah. Yeah right. A week off is still a luxury that I can't afford right now.

Picture below: One of my baju-to-be.
lace from Hokko, Kain - those online kain from Dubai)