15 August 2010

Have you sent yours?

Why can't tailors open at night, fridays AND sunday?

This year, all my raya baju will be from Al-Jauharah Boutique (it's above the older CA Mohammad in Gadong). I KNOW! omg. All my baju raya is sent to ONE tailor. A risky decision. But i don't really have a choice! I was too late. Cross my fingers, hope they won't spoil my bajus. all four of them. GAH.

Bought more kain, but there are no tailors who are willing to sew it by RAYA! And mind you this was two weeks before Ramadhan. Tried: Hokko, Lauren, Anyati's, Voir. *sigh* Pooop.

Unless, I have one week off, and I can make my own baju. Hah. Yeah right. A week off is still a luxury that I can't afford right now.

Picture below: One of my baju-to-be.
lace from Hokko, Kain - those online kain from Dubai)

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