30 August 2010

Nona Magazine

As usual, every year, I couldn't wait for the Ramadan/Aidilfitri issue of Nona Magazine. Their baju kurung designs and beadworks are jaw-dropping!

Here are some that caught my attention which makes me wish I have a personal tailor at one's expense!
Observe the sleeves. I love the cape baju kurung. SO DRAMATIC. Very Cruela De Vil.

V-Neck, slimming. Very common for tunics.

I love the sleeves and compensated by a tight-fitted body.

I like how the slit is done to only the chiffon and not the lining. and pointed at the front. very slimming.

layered! this is a refreshing makeover to the old layered baju kurung. black on plain fabric. lovely.

Darn. should've gotten more 3 toned chiffon.

Have you gotten your Raya baju yet?

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