27 August 2010

Pre-Raya Love

Weekend Holiday!

Atlast, the three days holiday that I have been looking forward to. I am currently beading one of the customer's baju. I love beading so much! I can't believe I miss it this much.


The house smells like a bakery shop. Love it! If only I have a tailoring shop and bakery shop next to each other. Maybe in 10 years time. I'm still growing for my wedding fund.

Anyhoots, during her summer holiday, my sister tend to bake bake bake baaaaake saja. Usually for friends, friend's relatives, relatives or any occasions di masjid, mum's office, sedekah neighbours. But this year, she is doing the full swing and accepting orders for Sungkai and Raya! I am so proud of her! My sister has some orders for her cake balls and kek batik Vico. I love it. I love the taste and I love the smell it makes to the house! Smells like Raya!

Bye bye.

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