05 October 2010

If only...

my bedroom looks like this.

Hi Guys,

Went to this hotel for a reception (more like a cocktail thing) in DC last week. This place is called The Mansion on O Street *google it*. It is such an awesome place. I suck in explaining so I will not bother describing the details of the hotel. But, basically it has numerous hidden doors, dozens of crazy huge ass chandeliers in every room, art work all over the walls, floor, console table and such. And guess what, all proceeds/revenue is for charity! Or something along that line, I was
not really listening cos I was busy counting the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.
And, the coolest part is, we were allowed to explore the hotel and took a peek into the themed rooms. This is by far my favourite! I just have to share it with you. LOOK AT THE CURTAINS. *to die for*

1 comment:

  1. adore the curtains too... kalau la boleh dapat untuk my bedroom... sure tidur tak mahu bangun... ngeee :D