21 November 2010

November Babies

Have you achieved what you want by the time you are 25? Did you manage to do the things you want to do by the time you are 25? I always have this list of things that I want to do. Always. things to do before I die. Things to do before turn 25. Things to do before 30.

This is what I remember about those list:

Before I die:
To this place that I want to go so badly. Couldn't afford it as a student. Not gonna tell.
Go to Brasil!
Go to Machu Pichu!
Go to Borobodur!
The nile river!
The great wall!
The pyramids!
Arctic Circle!
I just want to travel the woooooooooooooooorld! I should work at discovery channel or national geographic and stop wasting my time dreaming.

Before I turn 25 (that's in 6 months):
To be good at what I do
To be a more confident swimmer.
To be fit (able to Jog for 10km straight).
To have a good handicap (Golf).
To play the piano.
To start my own fashion business.
Pass level 1 CFA (amin)

Before I turn 30:
To be a millionaire. (<-- serious that was in my list. and no, i don't think this is ridiculous. If you have a good plan, anything is possible)
To be a CFA charterholder
To have a loving family. Children that get to see their grandparents everyday! Never had that, nenek is so far away.
To be a good cook.
To have a business that I love doing.

You know what. I will dream again tomorrow. I have a deadline tomorrow. Back to work!

Anyway, yesterday we celebrated the birthdays of two girls that I know for more than 10 years. From an impromptu text to the adrenaline rush in decorating the room. Happy Birthday to the two of you. May all your wish come true and to always be surrounded by your loved ones.

Success! Next time. It'll be better!

20 November 2010


Hi guys.

Like any working middle class person, deadlines are very common in our life. Well, FOR ME!Be it for work, be it sewing beads for customers, personal or family matters (mum - "lai, sudah kau buatkan borang mama" or with dad - "apanya orang workshop? spare part cemana? ada sudah? ada kau betanya di ejen").

Ahh. Dead.lines. If you don't do it, you will die! DIE! Anyway, I have a deadline due this monday. Minutes of meeting. Not a big fan, trying to string a sentence and sounding prefessional. Ish. But, anyway, I think I am on track. Then, I got curious. Am I doing it effectively?

This is what I found:

1. Set Expectations

Underpromise and Overdeliver! Owh yeah, if there's one thing that I learn after almost one year of working it's to underpromise and overdeliver. I mean it is true, why promise something before it is done. You don't really know what's gonna happen, right? So, let me see, i set the deadline to Monday. I should get it done by today right? =S

2. Prioritise Your Work

I think if I will prioritise better with a chopard on my wrist. Or maybe I should prioritise my work and make chopard as my motivation. Yes? No?

I think I have a problem with this. I want to do everything at the same time. This just basically mean, do one thing at a time. step by step. If a work is overwhelming, split it in small easy tasks, and your job will be done in no time. In fact, start with the tasks that you find the easiest. Never be overwhelmed by work. That just shows that you have bitten more than you can chew. big NO NO!

3. Keep Track of Dates and Occasions

It helps you to be on top of things. Sometimes, personal time clashes with work schedule and you don't even realise it, until, in my case, mum calls. =S So by having Smythson of Bond Street Leather Organiser and an iPhone 4 with a bright pink casing, this issue can be sorted. (HAHA. Fine, i just want these two things. They're so pretty)

4. Analysing your accomplishments everyday

Well, I dont really do this. How do you do it anyway. Altho, I always note down the mistakes that I have done on post-its, so i won't do it again. Altho I dont knw where they are, now. Heh. I love love love love post its. I think I cannot live without post its. It's in different size, shape and colour! Other than it's practicality, it gives colour to your boring working desks! more like a decoration!

(Made from post-its! how awesome is that!)

5. Try to work just 5 days a week

I agree! Because if I think that I can do work on fridays or sundays, I will start procrastinate! And, lambat lagi siap.

Btw, I am blogging now not because I am procrastinating. It's lunch time. And I had breakfast. Trying to shed the pounds!

Peace out. Deadlines. hehe.

17 November 2010

Kate Middleton's Issa Jersey Dress

I don't really follow news on royal weddings. But, I can't help but notice the wrap worn by Britain's princess-to-be, Kate Middleton. on the main page of Yahoo!

Before I say anything, just look at the wrap. Ignore the hideous engagement ring, just stare at the blue dress. Just do as I say. Shhh~ Just. look. at. it.

IT'S MESMERISING! I bet I will look fabulous in it. Yes, I am that confident. Because it is made from this special fabric. You see, that's the best thing about UK Fashion! British designers/ even the highstreet brands very often use a fabric called 'Jersey'.

Jersey is basically a stretchy fabric that to be crude, hugs the right part of your body. I think every girl should have one. Very flattering. It works wonderful for draping or dresses which hugs your body. A pain to sew. *shivers* Do not attempt to make one without a(n) (expert) supervision. Just like that blue dress. Pretty. And the details. The belt details. How it is 'flowy' yet not frumpy.

This gorgeous wrap is by ISSA London. It reminds me of the catwalk show I saw early last year. Ahhh. Good times. ISSA London was one of the designer that took part. I honestly don't remember which one it was. =S.

Anyway, according to stylebop.com, it's EUR $398! :) Price is acceptable. Still mencekik leher. But, reasonable. Well, relatively reasonable. It's not as expensive as a EUR $10 000 Euro Dior wrap dress. Heh.

Anyway, it makes me wonder whether there's a tailor in Brunei who can make this? Anybody? Any fashion students? *call me* You know what. Next holiday. I'm gonna sit by my sewing table (and blow the dust off my sewing machine) and make a lovely curve-hugging wrap! Or I can just click buy now.

13 November 2010

The Weekend of Your Life

How much is enough? And How much is too much?

A wedding should always be based on our budget and not a budget that is based on our dream wedding. And the question I am still asking myself, over and over again, is how much should mine be? Smart brides plan early! Pfft. Sakit kepala adalah. And, right now, with the work, studying that I have to do, I can't afford a headache.

Anyhoots, Lucky enough quite a handful of my friends just got married recently and are still in the planning stages of their wedding. So I asked around. Doing my own research. and guess what. their budget range from $50 000 to $100 000. KILL ME NOW! And it's not really a wedding dress custom made by Vera Wang, a limited edition jimmy choo and a bedroom with a walk in closet! Aiyayai!

Why does it have to be so expensive? I thought a wedding is supposed to be something memorable to you not memorable to your bank account. It seems like blowing $100 000 for the weekend. Is it worth it? I rather buy a house for us with it and get married in a mosque. But, that does not matter. It's not how it is. In fact, people often say, as the wedding come closer, you want more things, and it doesn't matter what you initially plan. Totally understand it, you would want the best you can have for the wedding. but spending thousands. Scary.

But, am i ready? How do you know when you are ready? In terms of the wedding, I dont think I can go through it as yet. Mentally, Physically nor Financially. Mentally because I don't have the energy and time . Physically because I need to lose 10kg - really- instructed by my GP and I want to look good in a corset. and Financially - wedding fund is still in the 4 digits i.e. a long way to go baybehh (I blame MAC, MNG and Prada).

On the other hand, being with the one you care the most the whole time. To cook for them. Explore new dishes! To care for them. watch a movie together without going to the cinema. play guitar hero until dusk. wait, do people still play guitar hero? Ahhh...


Guess what?!
I left my phone at the office. this means no phone for the entire weekend. it feels liberating. I don't have an iPhone 4 (yet). Don't you think the phone is slick. Love it.

02 November 2010


There is this thing that I really want to do. I just want to do it and get it over and done with. But the distractions. It makes an easy task becomes 100x harder.

Peace Out.