17 November 2010

Kate Middleton's Issa Jersey Dress

I don't really follow news on royal weddings. But, I can't help but notice the wrap worn by Britain's princess-to-be, Kate Middleton. on the main page of Yahoo!

Before I say anything, just look at the wrap. Ignore the hideous engagement ring, just stare at the blue dress. Just do as I say. Shhh~ Just. look. at. it.

IT'S MESMERISING! I bet I will look fabulous in it. Yes, I am that confident. Because it is made from this special fabric. You see, that's the best thing about UK Fashion! British designers/ even the highstreet brands very often use a fabric called 'Jersey'.

Jersey is basically a stretchy fabric that to be crude, hugs the right part of your body. I think every girl should have one. Very flattering. It works wonderful for draping or dresses which hugs your body. A pain to sew. *shivers* Do not attempt to make one without a(n) (expert) supervision. Just like that blue dress. Pretty. And the details. The belt details. How it is 'flowy' yet not frumpy.

This gorgeous wrap is by ISSA London. It reminds me of the catwalk show I saw early last year. Ahhh. Good times. ISSA London was one of the designer that took part. I honestly don't remember which one it was. =S.

Anyway, according to stylebop.com, it's EUR $398! :) Price is acceptable. Still mencekik leher. But, reasonable. Well, relatively reasonable. It's not as expensive as a EUR $10 000 Euro Dior wrap dress. Heh.

Anyway, it makes me wonder whether there's a tailor in Brunei who can make this? Anybody? Any fashion students? *call me* You know what. Next holiday. I'm gonna sit by my sewing table (and blow the dust off my sewing machine) and make a lovely curve-hugging wrap! Or I can just click buy now.

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