21 November 2010

November Babies

Have you achieved what you want by the time you are 25? Did you manage to do the things you want to do by the time you are 25? I always have this list of things that I want to do. Always. things to do before I die. Things to do before turn 25. Things to do before 30.

This is what I remember about those list:

Before I die:
To this place that I want to go so badly. Couldn't afford it as a student. Not gonna tell.
Go to Brasil!
Go to Machu Pichu!
Go to Borobodur!
The nile river!
The great wall!
The pyramids!
Arctic Circle!
I just want to travel the woooooooooooooooorld! I should work at discovery channel or national geographic and stop wasting my time dreaming.

Before I turn 25 (that's in 6 months):
To be good at what I do
To be a more confident swimmer.
To be fit (able to Jog for 10km straight).
To have a good handicap (Golf).
To play the piano.
To start my own fashion business.
Pass level 1 CFA (amin)

Before I turn 30:
To be a millionaire. (<-- serious that was in my list. and no, i don't think this is ridiculous. If you have a good plan, anything is possible)
To be a CFA charterholder
To have a loving family. Children that get to see their grandparents everyday! Never had that, nenek is so far away.
To be a good cook.
To have a business that I love doing.

You know what. I will dream again tomorrow. I have a deadline tomorrow. Back to work!

Anyway, yesterday we celebrated the birthdays of two girls that I know for more than 10 years. From an impromptu text to the adrenaline rush in decorating the room. Happy Birthday to the two of you. May all your wish come true and to always be surrounded by your loved ones.

Success! Next time. It'll be better!

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