13 November 2010

The Weekend of Your Life

How much is enough? And How much is too much?

A wedding should always be based on our budget and not a budget that is based on our dream wedding. And the question I am still asking myself, over and over again, is how much should mine be? Smart brides plan early! Pfft. Sakit kepala adalah. And, right now, with the work, studying that I have to do, I can't afford a headache.

Anyhoots, Lucky enough quite a handful of my friends just got married recently and are still in the planning stages of their wedding. So I asked around. Doing my own research. and guess what. their budget range from $50 000 to $100 000. KILL ME NOW! And it's not really a wedding dress custom made by Vera Wang, a limited edition jimmy choo and a bedroom with a walk in closet! Aiyayai!

Why does it have to be so expensive? I thought a wedding is supposed to be something memorable to you not memorable to your bank account. It seems like blowing $100 000 for the weekend. Is it worth it? I rather buy a house for us with it and get married in a mosque. But, that does not matter. It's not how it is. In fact, people often say, as the wedding come closer, you want more things, and it doesn't matter what you initially plan. Totally understand it, you would want the best you can have for the wedding. but spending thousands. Scary.

But, am i ready? How do you know when you are ready? In terms of the wedding, I dont think I can go through it as yet. Mentally, Physically nor Financially. Mentally because I don't have the energy and time . Physically because I need to lose 10kg - really- instructed by my GP and I want to look good in a corset. and Financially - wedding fund is still in the 4 digits i.e. a long way to go baybehh (I blame MAC, MNG and Prada).

On the other hand, being with the one you care the most the whole time. To cook for them. Explore new dishes! To care for them. watch a movie together without going to the cinema. play guitar hero until dusk. wait, do people still play guitar hero? Ahhh...

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