14 December 2010

Knock knock

It feels good to be home from my exam. My exam is done. DONE. Well, for now. As per usual, after a trip away from the ol' office, work has drowned me once again. Although, today is better. Phewh. Survived Monday.

I have so many pictures to share. Singapore! Dubai! and the experience! Such beautiful places!

Guess what, with the exam over, time to take out the sketchbook, I have designs up my sleeves. :D

Coming soon...

09 December 2010


Owh! I love this picture! Last week, Messi decided to help me pack for Singapore and Dubai. She's so big now! and Fat! Can't wait to be back.



Exam is done. Let's hope I pass... It was the first time ever in my entire life, I did not go out in Singapore and stayed back in my room to study. Sacrifices.
Thank god for Royce, OJ and TigerBalm.