31 January 2011


After a very long consideration, I finally (decided to depart with my money and) got myself a(n) (super expensive, it's ridiculous) iPhone4! YAY! With the BlackBerry out, I really didn't know what to choose. Either a lump sum amount for the iPhone, or BlackBerry, something cheaper with a monthly fee.

But, I love games! (I'm hooked to pottery now.) So, I decided iPhone it is.

Post-purchase: It's so hard now! My previous phone was $200. And if it drops, i don't mind. If there are scratches, I don't mind. If it is malfunctioning, I don't mind. And now, I spent 1000+ of my hard earned money on a phone! Therefore, it's an additional responsibility for me. But, I have to highlight that I LOVE IT SO MUCH. SO SO MUCH.

On another note: Im watching ABC now, from my hotel room, it's about Justin Bieber, he's 16 and successful. I want to be 16 again, so I can start again and be a millionaire.

You should have fun and love what you do, if you don't love it, why do it? As simple as that.

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