31 January 2011

New Year in Mangrove Paradise

In the last few new years, we celebrated one of my uncle's birthday which is on the 1st day of the year, staying at hotels in Brunei. Haha. Something different. So this year we all stayed at Mangrove Paradise. We rented a few chalets (on stilts along the banks of brunei river) which are next to each other and had food satays, kerupok and we went fishing! And we caught a few (small) fish! Brother had a hook stuck on his feet. There was blood. But, nothing major.
Anyway, after the blood is gone, we enjoyed the fireworks. So much fun! Fireworks were from everywhere, from the kampongs across the river and from the boat.
Anyway, our room was nice. A good choice of wallpaper. But, the toilet is quite small. But for $80 a night. One shan't complain. Owh, it comes with breakfast. The restaurant has a beautiful view. I was actually impressed. Very relaxing. Away from the Hoo Ha of the world. *drama queen*.
I should be rating this hotel properly. But, you know what, you should try it yourself? I mean how often do you fish from your room's balcony? A great start to 2011 for me.

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