31 January 2011

Staying in the Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur

After almost one year working, I finally had time to go for a quick getaway with my friends. And this time, when I say quick, it's literally a weekend including travelling. Luckily, Ritz was just the opposite of Pavilion (sp?), this big shopping centre in KL! The food court is amazing! With a teriyaki place, this place with succulent and delicious honey ribs, a chain called Tony Romas, *slurp*, Nandos, Beard Papa's and so much more...
Anyway, I was very happy with our stay at Ritz. It's not often you get to sleep in one of the most comfortable bed ever!

One of the restaurant areas. Just like a cut out from a magazine. Pretty~

Gifts below the Xmas tree in the lobby, consists of the paperbags of the brands in starhill. If only all of this are for me.

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