22 June 2011


Everyone has a touchscreen phone.
Everyone has a phone with a whatapp. And you can literally tell your entire life to a person without being with him/her. Ok. My boyfriend doesn't have a phone that can download Whatsapp. He thinks he doesn't need a new phone. He just needs new exhausts, new air cleaner, new rims and tyres!. He's a motorsport junkie. So, his car is his second baby (after me *wink*). Which by the way is an expensive hobby. Honestly, one set of rims is equivalent to 10 pairs of classic Jimmy Choos!

Anyway, back to the phone. It's hard. Or I'm just being spoilt. But I can't really share as many things as I share with my sister (who has WhatsApp) on the other side of the globe.

So, after a lot persuasion, I am buying him a phone. He want's to buy it on his own. But, this is the least that I can do. Which by the way will be his balasan for our engagement this Friday. This will be a very exciting event toour 11 year relationship. Relationship Upgrade. LOL.

Yay! I can finally whatsapp with ma boo.

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