18 December 2011

Rai's Bucket List

Hi Guys,

January 2012 is just around the corner! I always love new year and it is not only because of the celebration but it is  a new page of my life. a new start. It actually help me to keep track of what I want to do.Though, I never stick to one religiously. This year, the resolution was to go home from work before 6pm (and be at work by 7.45am). I don't do it all the time, but having it as a resolution reminds me what my priorities are. I think having that resolution led me to a happier balanced life.

So 2012, what's my plan? Earlier this week, a colleague asked me that question, and to be honest I haven't thought of it and had no clue what my plan will be in 2012. So, after a week I realised that I actually do have a plan at the back of my mind, it has been there all along.  Next year this is what I hope to do:

1. Go to the gym 3 times a week (incl. 2 spinning classes).
2. Make my family tree with at least 4 generations before me.
3. Realising my dream wedding without a wedding planner.
4. Be better than this year at work, in all aspect (punctuality, communication, efficiency, productivity) and improve performance by one grade.
5. To still leave work before 6pm.
6. Get a 25 BMI by August. That means I have to be 55kg by August.
7. The fun part, to love my family, my fiance, my bestfriends, my colleagues and friends even more!
8. Say a simple thank you after getting a compliment instead of being awkward (I'm embarassed to say that I can't take a compliment tsk tsk tsk)

Other than number 6, I think my plan is do-able, right? No. 6 will take commitment and determination. That should be an added bonus. hehe.

Love, Rai.

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