28 May 2012

Getting Married : stick to your decision. NO MATTER WHAT.

After I got engaged June last year, i started buying things that i (thought i) will wear for the big day.

It was a coincidence that my fiance's sister was graduating, so we got to do a bit of wedding shopping in UK.

Guess what I got first? SHOES! Knowing that your feet will be handled well on your big day feels comforting. I mean it's not like you do this all the time.

But then again, I got so many of it. I have 5pairs now. That i thought i wanted for my big day. From bonia to jimmy choo to zanottis! Haha. Not proud of that. Heh.

Moral of the story: don't do what i did. Stick to what you want. Who cares theres a swarovski encrusted louboutin out there or a limited edition stuart weitzman (sniff). Stick to your decision.

To be continued...

Getting Married: What you should know

Getting married in 3 months! So excited! Why didn't I feel this way 6 months ago.

Some people say that planning a wedding is stressful and expensive. That's true. But one thing you should know... IT IS OMG FUN! U get to say i want this, i want that without being annoying cos u pay for it and they'll do anything to make it work! I'm talking about the hall decorations and invitation.

I mean, if it stresses you out, always do the following:

1. Do your jemputan - without them no one's attending your wedding
2. Book catering - get the food that u always love n wish to eat at a wedding
3. Souveniers or door gift - to say thank you to the guest for coming.

Pretty straight forward right? Now, those 3 above if essential for a wedding reception. I mean, without these 3, your beautiful dress, your flower girls, your pretty dias/pelamin and anything else will not matter. During sanding, guests are important.

Cover that, the really fun bit happens! REALISING YOUR DREAM WEDDING (ehem with specific budget).

To be continued...

Hugs and kisses.

Soon to be bride.

09 May 2012

Marchesa is fabulous

I am getting married in 4 months! So excited! I have manage to stay calm i guess. Let's see...

Jemputan - final draft
Tenunan - done
Sanding Dress - with the tailor
Nikah Dress - with the tailor
Berbedak - need to find red kain
Caterers - booked
Pelaminan - booked
Hantaran - Done
Souveniers - paper bag lagi
Photographer - done
Wedding ring - done

I am still figuring out the kain for my berbedak. I want it to be red! Love red! So far i got the top, just need the bottom and a picture of something perfect showed up.... Marchesa's. Gorgeous. I am inspired...

Bali: Part 2

One of the 5/6 days we were there, we managed to go to the shopping centre. Discovery Mall. It's a typical shopping mall with thr obligatory Polo shop, Sogo and a few fast food chains.

But, u know what was cool??? It was next to the beach!!! We didn't even know! The coast has some of the prettiest beach club/ grill place, I have ever seen. And since it was almost sunset, we decided to have dinner by the beach. Beautiful.

08 May 2012

Go to Bali!

Everyone should go to Bali atleast once in their lifetime. Ok i might be bias since I haven't had a proper vacation since I started working 2years ago.

The holiday was around 6 days with 2 of my most fun friends. The vacation was unexplainably fun! And another thing you should know about me, i uses to hate nature, not a confident swimmer and clean freak.

Guess what we did there...? Basically the opposite of what I thought I was.

I went in a cliff hike up and down, go on a class 2/3 whitewater rafting, junp into the sea, jump into Ayung River (which still makes me wonder if ada crocodile or not - What was I thinking)? And try all this food by the hill, at some random hut, by the sea.

It was amazing! I should say it was the perfect company,the perfect country, time.

So will upload tonnes of picture! So many first times for me! Wee!

I am 26!

Blessed with caring families and friends!

And guess what? Blogger is on apple! Never knew. Haha.