08 May 2012

Go to Bali!

Everyone should go to Bali atleast once in their lifetime. Ok i might be bias since I haven't had a proper vacation since I started working 2years ago.

The holiday was around 6 days with 2 of my most fun friends. The vacation was unexplainably fun! And another thing you should know about me, i uses to hate nature, not a confident swimmer and clean freak.

Guess what we did there...? Basically the opposite of what I thought I was.

I went in a cliff hike up and down, go on a class 2/3 whitewater rafting, junp into the sea, jump into Ayung River (which still makes me wonder if ada crocodile or not - What was I thinking)? And try all this food by the hill, at some random hut, by the sea.

It was amazing! I should say it was the perfect company,the perfect country, time.

So will upload tonnes of picture! So many first times for me! Wee!

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