28 May 2012

Getting Married : stick to your decision. NO MATTER WHAT.

After I got engaged June last year, i started buying things that i (thought i) will wear for the big day.

It was a coincidence that my fiance's sister was graduating, so we got to do a bit of wedding shopping in UK.

Guess what I got first? SHOES! Knowing that your feet will be handled well on your big day feels comforting. I mean it's not like you do this all the time.

But then again, I got so many of it. I have 5pairs now. That i thought i wanted for my big day. From bonia to jimmy choo to zanottis! Haha. Not proud of that. Heh.

Moral of the story: don't do what i did. Stick to what you want. Who cares theres a swarovski encrusted louboutin out there or a limited edition stuart weitzman (sniff). Stick to your decision.

To be continued...

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