10 July 2012

Share some Tea with Share tea at Airport Mall

Not really a tea person. Always preferred water. But, when I heard my colleague was heading to this new place called ShareTea at Airport Mall, I know i should try this 'cheese' drink. Yes, we no longer just eat cheese, we drink them now. Creative minds.

Anyway, at B$4.50, i got this Wintermelon SRC (stands for 'Salt Rock & Cheese apparently).

Verdict: tastes a lot like 'salty Cendul'. 3.5/5. Love the thick texture and taste. Do not love the fact that te creamy taste came from cheese *barf* and drink lots of water after drinking it, cos it was stuck to my throat. COUGH. COUGH. COUGH. I will have it again just in very small amounts.

xoxo Water Girl

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