07 October 2012

Roma Italia

Along the narrow street in Roma. 

06 October 2012

Life: A dose of Chinese Proverb and A pair of Jimmy Choo

This beauty is called SOLAR and I love her dearly.
Accompanied me during my "Nikah" or Solemnisation ceremony last month.  
"Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still" - Chinese Proverbs

Slow progress is better than no progress, right? Eyes on the prize and will not stop until you get it. If others can do it, you can do it. 

Hugs and Kisses. Rai.

05 October 2012

Hummous from Jedoudna is the Best

One of the habits I brought from our trip to Dubai is Hummous. We ate it with everything with Breadsticks, Sesame puff, Warm Fresh Pita Bread! 

Do you know it's hard to eat in Dubai because THERE ARE TOO MANY CHOICES! Especially for a muslim traveller.

Hummous from Jedoudna, Dubai Marina
Hugs and Kisses


Villa Rufolo, Ravello, Italy

Taken in September 2012. Towards the Garden of Villo Rufolo. Magnificent view but full of bees! 

The Lost City Atlantis, The Palm Dubai

Don't you wish you can walk among the fish. 
Do you think Atlantic City is real? 

Our afternoon at Aquaventure Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

We were such a noob. We got so excited when we saw this building. We finally get to see  Atlantis. HAHA!

My husband and I were there on an afternoon in the first week of September 2012. During our trip there, the weather was around 37-39 degrees celcius. Very very hot. OMG. 

After all the fun fun fun rides, it was time to go home. 
To our surprise, the weather was perfect for an afternoon at Aquaventure. The rides were fun! I miss those doughnut floats. Gosh, I remembered being so confident and took the single ring floats and got freaked out after getting separated from my husband. And, it was only the river ride! HAHA! 

We got a bit lost with the signs at first. (where do we get our towels? our float thingies? Thank god for the helpful lifeguards!)
So, after a halfway (horrifying) trip along the (supposedly)relaxing river ride, we swap to a 'double ring' floats. And, the rest of the day was one of the funnest afternoon of my life. I want to go there again! Owh, and looking back I didn't know why I was freaking out with the river ride, it was only 1-3 feet deep. 

This was the river that we always go through in the end of all the wear slides. And, yes, the same one that got me panicking for nothing! Good times. 
Since we only reached Aquaventure around 3.45pm (due to scorching hot weather), we rode on most of the rides except for ...get this... THE LEAP OF FAITH! It was closed by the time we were there! 

 I guess it gives us another reason to comeback to Dubai. Also, one thing I learn about Dubai, if you have the $$$ you are good to go. You have to pay for everything!

A few tips that we learn from our Aquaventure:
1. If you wear specs, use contact lenses. There's a very helpful optics (specs) shop just by the entrance. Husband got a free pair for the day! 
2. Bring your own towel (cause you need to pay for it)
3. Leave flip-flops in the locker. Less hassle.
4. Share a locker with your spouse/friends or family
5. If you are tight with time, 3-4 hours is enough. We were only there for 2 hours and went on all of the rides except for Leap of Faith. 

I loved and enjoyed every minute of it! Have you been here? I wonder how different is the Bahamas one. 

Hugs Kisses


01 October 2012

The Day I became a Wife

It has been one month now. One month today, since the other half and I became husband and wife. That day was so surreal and happened so fast. So quickly. One post will not be enough! 

Bath Oil, Lotion and Cologne. 
Everything is still fresh in my mind. In Brunei, the usual Malay Wedding will involve several events. Some can last two weeks, a week or just for the weekend. 

For me, last month, it was only a weekend. A beautiful weekend that went by too quickly. After planning for more than a year (btw, we booked our wedding venue a week after our engagement last year! June 2011. So, Plan EARLY!),  we are very happy with how it turned out. 
The Accessories

Anyway, the main events are usually the Akad Nikah dan Menerima Hantaran (Solemnisation and Receiving Dowry), Majlis Berbedak (Powdering Ceremony) and Majlis Bersanding/ Kesyukuran (Reception).

The Ring Holder for the Husband 
In my opinion, my most memorable event was the Solemnisation! Made sure my scarf was not messy. Not cry so to not ruin my makeup. Generally, made sure everything run smoothly. To make the guests happy! Enough food! 

His Watch 
 The Dowries were than swap with gifts from the wife. This usually consists of accessories, formal and casual wear, gadgets etc. Did not get to take a lot of pictures. But, I was very happy to be the one decorating the gift. Something that I always love to do. And, with how it turned out... I am GLAD. I AM GLAD TO HAVE THE TIME TO DECORATE THE HANTARAN! ALHAMDULILLAH.
My favorite gift of all, a cake that shows little bits of his favorite things.  His car, his McDs, Red Velvet cake, his finance background/career and his love for planes. <3 account:="account:" candy.="candy." check="check" facebook="facebook" font="font" her="her" it="it" love="love" nbsp="nbsp" of="of" out="out" sweetness="sweetness" thank="thank" touch="touch" you="you">

I swear, time was definitely against me in that final week before the wedding. I SURVIVED! 

This was not exactly a proper post. Will try to make a better one next time! :)

Hugs and Kisses. The wife.