01 October 2012

The Day I became a Wife

It has been one month now. One month today, since the other half and I became husband and wife. That day was so surreal and happened so fast. So quickly. One post will not be enough! 

Bath Oil, Lotion and Cologne. 
Everything is still fresh in my mind. In Brunei, the usual Malay Wedding will involve several events. Some can last two weeks, a week or just for the weekend. 

For me, last month, it was only a weekend. A beautiful weekend that went by too quickly. After planning for more than a year (btw, we booked our wedding venue a week after our engagement last year! June 2011. So, Plan EARLY!),  we are very happy with how it turned out. 
The Accessories

Anyway, the main events are usually the Akad Nikah dan Menerima Hantaran (Solemnisation and Receiving Dowry), Majlis Berbedak (Powdering Ceremony) and Majlis Bersanding/ Kesyukuran (Reception).

The Ring Holder for the Husband 
In my opinion, my most memorable event was the Solemnisation! Made sure my scarf was not messy. Not cry so to not ruin my makeup. Generally, made sure everything run smoothly. To make the guests happy! Enough food! 

His Watch 
 The Dowries were than swap with gifts from the wife. This usually consists of accessories, formal and casual wear, gadgets etc. Did not get to take a lot of pictures. But, I was very happy to be the one decorating the gift. Something that I always love to do. And, with how it turned out... I am GLAD. I AM GLAD TO HAVE THE TIME TO DECORATE THE HANTARAN! ALHAMDULILLAH.
My favorite gift of all, a cake that shows little bits of his favorite things.  His car, his McDs, Red Velvet cake, his finance background/career and his love for planes. <3 account:="account:" candy.="candy." check="check" facebook="facebook" font="font" her="her" it="it" love="love" nbsp="nbsp" of="of" out="out" sweetness="sweetness" thank="thank" touch="touch" you="you">

I swear, time was definitely against me in that final week before the wedding. I SURVIVED! 

This was not exactly a proper post. Will try to make a better one next time! :)

Hugs and Kisses. The wife.

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