15 November 2012

Inspiration: Naeem Khan

You know those instances when you look at a dress and you know it'll make you look like a million dollars? Similar to Marchesa, Lhuiller and Zuhair Murad, one of the designers that makes me want to start sketching is Naeem Khan!

As you know I have a soft spot for bold colors, I fell in love with this beauty below. And decided to come up with something thats muslim appropriate yet manage to show the fullness of the skirt without overwhelming the body (as its long sleeved). 

Can't wait to go to the tailors!

My Wedding Lace

With all this talk on laces, I want to take this opportunity to share with you the lace that I used for my wedding dress. We were aiming for royal blue and this lace had the right colour scheme (teal, silver and light blue) yet manage to give the depth. 

Hugs and kisses.


Purple Rain

I love it when lace patchworks are adorned with pearls especially when it's with different sizes. It gives that classy contrast without making lace looking cheap. Trust me, beadworks on laces can get ugly EASILY.

So, for this project, I made sure the pearls and beadworks are within the same color shade! and sprinkle a bit of swarovski crystal beads to make that unique sparkle amongst the pearls. 

Tips for bead colors: Stick to the same family colour. It's very rare for laces with colourful beadworks (imagine a mixture of warm and cool hue beading) to work.

 Hope you like it! I most certainly did! 

Love Rai

09 November 2012

Be creative. Diamante & Pearls

Be creative! In this case with diamante strings! 

Spruce up a plain baju kurung. In this picture, I've added pearls and large-sized swarovski crystals. Perfect for those plain colored dresses. I am so gonna make this for my next baju again. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us at +8680605. 


04 November 2012

Organza & Pearls

I was inspired by the tutus (of Ballerinas) and incorporate it in one of the Baju Kurung. 

Very bold but the impact it gives to a baju is wow. To add a hint of glamour, there was a mixture or pearls, crystals and sprinkle of beads! Unique and the mint green popped out (literally and colour-wise) that made the dull white and pastel coloured silk irresistible!

Only by Ana Ranie Beadwork & Designs!

Love, Rai.