31 January 2013

Slimming Peplum Top

I recently worked on a black plain jersey peplum. 
I arranged the patchwork, so that it can give that slimming effect of cinched waist and I love how it turned out.

Added to the lace appliqué was brown and gold beads (because the skirt is off-white and black). Need to find that mannequin.

Hope you like it! 

We are currently working on a few ready to wear that showcases JahitManik's signature patchwork. Stay Tune.

Love it!

Hugs Kisses.

30 January 2013

German Lace with Gold Cording

Type: German Lace with Gold Cordings

Design: Light peach flowers with gold cording (outline) on dark peach soft tulle
Colour: Peach/Brown 
Length: 2m

Price: B$ 160

Heavy design. Fabric is quite stiff. Thus, perfect for structured outfits. i.e. Trumpet skirt etc. 

For more enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us at +673 8680605

Thank you for your interest. 

Hugs Kisses.

Beaded Italian Lace for Sale

Type: Italian Lace
Design: Beaded, Beaded Border, Peach and Dark Brown flower with Gold leaves on tulle
Colour: Ivory white 
Length: 2m

Price: B$ 280

Beaded Borders

Due to the nature and delicate-ness of the lace, hope you'll understand that it's only for serious buyers. Thank you. Contact us at +673 8680605 for more lace designs and for additional details!

Bridal German Lace

Type: German Lace with Cording
Design: Off White flowers on Tulle
Colour: Off White
Length: 4m

Price: B$ 240

We use different coloured lining to show you the different effects it gives. That's the awesome thing with lace, once you change the colour of your lining, and it turns the lace into a different look! 

On Mint Green

Flower & Tulle
On peach colored lining.
The Beautiful Border. I can imagine it on the end of the sleeves. Or neckline. Or the waist. Gasp.

 Hugs Kisses.

German Lace with Cording for Sale

Green being the colour of the year, you know there will be one in that colour for sale!

Perfect for a mix and match. 
Imagine on a cream lining for the top and a royal green skirt for that classic look. 

Type: German Lace
Design: With Cording Outline, Flowers are on Tulle, Thick borders
Colour: Royal Green
Length: 2m

Price: B$ 150
Lace on cream lining

Flowers on soft tulle. Lace on mint green lining.

Flowers are arranged quite close together.

Hugs Kisses.

Due to the nature and delicate-ness of the lace, hope you'll understand that it's only for serious buyers. Thank you. Contact us at +673 8680605 for more lace designs and for additional details!

Exclusive Italian Lace for Sale

Hello Fashionistas,

A big day coming up?
No time to get exclusive fabrics?
Well, it's your lucky day!

Let's talk about lace! A few weeks back, Jahit Manik got tonnes of high quality and gorgeous laces for our upcoming patchwork projects. I can't wait to show it to you guys! soon. Anyway, back to laces, we got some that would be enough for dresses to sell. I mean, the fabrics were all fabulous and decided to sell some of it. 

Look at this beauty. Gosh, a simple baju kurung and dress would even be enough! Because of the thickness of the lace, this can be used for patchworks on multiple outfit (bridesmaid dress) or a beautiful evening gown. Maybe I'll come up with a sketch to show this to you.

Type: Italian Lace
Design: Textured, Multi-coloured Flower on Tulle with borders
Colour: Cream
Length: 2m

Price: B$ 390

Due to the nature and delicate-ness of the lace, hope you understand that it's only for serious buyers. Contact us at +673 8680605 for more lace designs and additional details!

Ain't she a beauty? I mean look at the size of the flowers, you can cut it off and attached it on your top! The rest of the lace for skirt! 

Thank you very much of your interest guys. Hugs Kisses. 

26 January 2013

Dress based on Personality

Spring/Summer lines are OUT! I love this time of the year! Fabulous!

This clearly shows how a different style can change your look. Both dresses are from Naeem Khan Spring/Summer 2013 line and i love love loooooove fabulous spring/summer dresses because they tend to be colourful, have gorgeously bold fashion/style and covers what any attractive outfit should be. 

A head turner you may say. 

So anyway my dears, from these dresses on top and below, perfectly shows  how the same top and colour scheme can fit to two different personalities.  The first one would remind me of a seductive, fun yet sophisticated person. Ready to dance~.

On the other hand, with a trumpet skirt, the outfit below reminds me of a classy, formal event, yet trendy personality. 

What do you think? Will it fit you?

See how different styles can make a huge difference? and this is using the same top! Other than colours, the style of the dress makes a whole difference on how you look.  

 Dont let the dress wear you. Wear the dress and WORK that RUNWAY girl! *snap fingers*

Have an upcoming event? and Need a bit of advice on what to wear? Email us at jahitmanikdesigns@gmail.com for fashion advice and sketches for free. 
We are here to help. 

Stylista at heart,

14 January 2013

Fabric fit for a queen

Laces are extravagant. And, I'm am embarrassed to say that this is my weakness. I love it! 

One of the laces that caught my interest. The 3D workmanship from this exclusive italian lace were intricate and handmade! fabulous!

However, laces can sometimes be too overwhelming to a a body for being too heavy. Especially those fabulous 3D ones.

Jahit Manik tips: Even it out with plain colored tops or patchworks!


Lace Galore: The Search of Exclusive Materials

We have been receiving several interests on patchworks. Some are even for Raya 2013! Fun! So, I decided that we need to get more materials. Something unique to Brunei, something new and fresh. 

Last Sunday, we dropped by my favorite supplier for exclusive one of a kind patchwork materials. Making the decision between german lace, german cord lace, french lace, french cord lace, italian lace, 3D italian lace, prada lace and sooo much more. The choices were endless! 

Overall, I am happy with what I got for my loyal Jahit Manik customers.

If you are interested for lace patchwork and custom made baju kurung, contact us at +673 8680605 for our latest lace patchwork design. 

Let us know what you want, our choices of laces are getting bigger now that we can pretty much cater for different budget!

Hugs Kisses


And everything nice...JM's latest project

Introducing our latest project...

What a feat! I had so much fun doing this project. I was aiming for a soft romantic touch to this thai silk peplum top. 

So, I included illusion fabric also known as tulle to emphasize on the waist and combine it with soft lace. I am very very happy with how it turned out. 

The tulle required hand draping. Floral lace that are individually placed and sewed. Lastly, it was sprinkled with the right amount of pearls and nothing is complete without those swarovski crystals! Both sewed ones and ironed ons. 

The finish product. Isn't that a beauty? What do u think?

For price enquiries or to place an orders, contact Jahit Manik at +673 8680605 (either text us or whatsapp). 

Hope you like it. I know I enjoyed it sooo much!

Hugs and Kisses,


Don't you know? Lace is the in thing. Especially on Nude.

It's the Golden Globe season and I am in love with J Lo's outfit. 

Zuhair Murad has done it again!

And designers do this lace on nude combo ALL THE TIME! Inspired by lingerie?

Jahit Manik recently visited our lace supplier and I LOVE what we got. 

Stay tuned to our latest dress packages! It's our first and it will be fabulous!

10 January 2013

JahitManik's Bridal Patchwork

I am so happy how this has turned out. It was a combination of 3D flowers, pearls, crystals and patchworks! A lot of it!

Bridal beadwork starts at B$150.

What we got initially was a lace knee length baju kurung (similar to a tuic top) and a plain colored satin skirt. 

So, what I did? Focus the most on the skirt! I want it to pop and complements the top. Take a look at the pictures below guys.

For quotation and appointment, don't hesitate to text or SMS or whatsapp us at +673 8 680605.

Hugs & Kisses

01 January 2013

Marchesa Resort is fabulous

Upon looking at resort lines 2012 for several fashion designers (Yes, it's 2013, i need to move on. But, they are so colourful), and, I bumped into the best shade of blue and pale gold combination I have ever seen. This inspired me to come up with a sketch. This must be documented. Hot. 

But, I won't follow it exactly. And, as usual, only in Jahit Manik, will incorporate this idea to a Malay two-piece dress. It will be a mixture of hard fabric like duchess satin or high class thai silk for the dress to give that sophisticated structured look but will be soften with silk chiffon or light tulle for its ruffles/textures. 

And of course, to give that finishing touches with an intricate pale gold or rose gold lace to spruce it up! 

Now time to hunt for fabrics. 

Will update you on this Project soon. Eeeks!

Hugs Kisses. Rai.

Happy New Year Readers

Jahit Manik would like to wish you a happy and prosperous 2013.

2013 resolution?

Dress Well. Life is short.

You know what they say,

"There is no ugly woman, just a lazy one".

Lots of Love 
Hugs & Kisses