26 January 2013

Dress based on Personality

Spring/Summer lines are OUT! I love this time of the year! Fabulous!

This clearly shows how a different style can change your look. Both dresses are from Naeem Khan Spring/Summer 2013 line and i love love loooooove fabulous spring/summer dresses because they tend to be colourful, have gorgeously bold fashion/style and covers what any attractive outfit should be. 

A head turner you may say. 

So anyway my dears, from these dresses on top and below, perfectly shows  how the same top and colour scheme can fit to two different personalities.  The first one would remind me of a seductive, fun yet sophisticated person. Ready to dance~.

On the other hand, with a trumpet skirt, the outfit below reminds me of a classy, formal event, yet trendy personality. 

What do you think? Will it fit you?

See how different styles can make a huge difference? and this is using the same top! Other than colours, the style of the dress makes a whole difference on how you look.  

 Dont let the dress wear you. Wear the dress and WORK that RUNWAY girl! *snap fingers*

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We are here to help. 

Stylista at heart,

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