30 January 2013

Exclusive Italian Lace for Sale

Hello Fashionistas,

A big day coming up?
No time to get exclusive fabrics?
Well, it's your lucky day!

Let's talk about lace! A few weeks back, Jahit Manik got tonnes of high quality and gorgeous laces for our upcoming patchwork projects. I can't wait to show it to you guys! soon. Anyway, back to laces, we got some that would be enough for dresses to sell. I mean, the fabrics were all fabulous and decided to sell some of it. 

Look at this beauty. Gosh, a simple baju kurung and dress would even be enough! Because of the thickness of the lace, this can be used for patchworks on multiple outfit (bridesmaid dress) or a beautiful evening gown. Maybe I'll come up with a sketch to show this to you.

Type: Italian Lace
Design: Textured, Multi-coloured Flower on Tulle with borders
Colour: Cream
Length: 2m

Price: B$ 390

Due to the nature and delicate-ness of the lace, hope you understand that it's only for serious buyers. Contact us at +673 8680605 for more lace designs and additional details!

Ain't she a beauty? I mean look at the size of the flowers, you can cut it off and attached it on your top! The rest of the lace for skirt! 

Thank you very much of your interest guys. Hugs Kisses. 

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