14 January 2013

Lace Galore: The Search of Exclusive Materials

We have been receiving several interests on patchworks. Some are even for Raya 2013! Fun! So, I decided that we need to get more materials. Something unique to Brunei, something new and fresh. 

Last Sunday, we dropped by my favorite supplier for exclusive one of a kind patchwork materials. Making the decision between german lace, german cord lace, french lace, french cord lace, italian lace, 3D italian lace, prada lace and sooo much more. The choices were endless! 

Overall, I am happy with what I got for my loyal Jahit Manik customers.

If you are interested for lace patchwork and custom made baju kurung, contact us at +673 8680605 for our latest lace patchwork design. 

Let us know what you want, our choices of laces are getting bigger now that we can pretty much cater for different budget!

Hugs Kisses


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