01 January 2013

Marchesa Resort is fabulous

Upon looking at resort lines 2012 for several fashion designers (Yes, it's 2013, i need to move on. But, they are so colourful), and, I bumped into the best shade of blue and pale gold combination I have ever seen. This inspired me to come up with a sketch. This must be documented. Hot. 

But, I won't follow it exactly. And, as usual, only in Jahit Manik, will incorporate this idea to a Malay two-piece dress. It will be a mixture of hard fabric like duchess satin or high class thai silk for the dress to give that sophisticated structured look but will be soften with silk chiffon or light tulle for its ruffles/textures. 

And of course, to give that finishing touches with an intricate pale gold or rose gold lace to spruce it up! 

Now time to hunt for fabrics. 

Will update you on this Project soon. Eeeks!

Hugs Kisses. Rai.

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