22 February 2013

Happy National Day My Beloved Brunei

Tomorrow's Brunei National Day!

So to all Brunei citizens, enjoy the celebration and the weekend!

As for me, I will be playing with my new toy! 

We (finally) got this!


Yes, that's her name.

With all the patchwork projects that we are doing, realize that a mannequin would be able to show and help me make the draperies and appliqué placement better.  

Meet Gisele

Time to play!!! I mean... it's back to work. 


20 February 2013

Sidetrack: Jahit Manik was Away

Live your dreams now. 

A milestone has been reached! 

I reached the summit of Mount Kinabalu on the 10 February 2013. Started from a girl who hates the outdoor during high school to this! Haha. Gosh, I was so happy, I cried buckets when I reach the summit! A.total.wreck. 

Thinking back it was quite hilarious but that was one of the best feeling ever. The feeling that you can achieve anything! Syukur Alhamdulillah that we all made it without any injuries (except for bruises and blisters). 

As our Sarawakian guide during the hike said, "Bulih bah, kalau ada semangat". 

Anything is possible if you put your heart and will to it!

Hugs Kisses,


Jahit Manik's Ready to Wear is Coming Soon!

Good News Fashionistas! 

Jahit Manik is excited to inform you that we will be coming up with a limited edition ready to wear! Especially to the fashionable ladies in Brunei. 

The aim of this line is to showcase Jahit Manik's signature beadwork and embellishment ability on dresses, so, expect the tops to be fancy and fabulous! Imagine 3D flowers, exclusive quality lace, faux pearls, tulles, crystals bead and crystal strings. 

Be the head turner of the day!

The line will focus more on tops and the current hot trend...PEPLUM!
Stay tuned. 

Want to know more?
Don't hesitate to contact us at +673 8680605, we might just show you our updated designs. Shh~

Thanks for the interest so far ladies. 

Sneak peek: You got to love salmon colored peplums.

Hugs Kisses,


17 February 2013

My Interview with Hatta Dolmat

After learning that Hatta Dolmat will be in Brunei, I couldn't let go of the chance to meet him. I have so many questions to ask him. 

I find the interview very easy and pleasant. Kept it short and simple. But, gosh, if you could hear my heartbeat, you will laugh your head off. I was a nerve wrecked. I mean, come on! The designer famous for his embellishments whom managed to make an organized chaos on a dress will be sitting next to me. I am thankful I did not freaked out and hug him. 

Jahit Manik: What is your inspiration?
Hatta Dolmat: I always look for new ideas and new things that I see. 

JM: What is your signature design?
HD: My design started when I was designing my collection during my diploma year. I gave it all my best and focuses on things that he likes such as appliqué, patching and embellishment. And since then have used this technique to my collection.

JM: What is your favorite fabric?
HD: I like Tulle fabric. It gives that fairytale yet glamorous effect.

This dress made for Erra Fazira shows Hatta's embellishment signature and using his favorite fabric, Tulle. Erra does look like a fairytale princess. 
JM: When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?
HD: I actually started in interior design. And then, my family and friends encouraged me to  pursue fashion design. That's when I started joining competitions. 

JM: How did you manage to be where you are now? Designing for celebrities in less than 10 years since you graduated!
HD: Thank you very much. My motivation is to always achieve something in every year. It can be an award, a fashion line or something along that line. 

Just look at his achievements!
2005 Winner - Trophy Pesona Pengantin 2005 by Kumpulan Karangkraf.
2005 Winner - of the Diamond Needle Award (Anugerah Jarum Berlian) by the Utusan Malaysia.
2006 Hatta Was selected as one of the 5 fashion designers to showcase their work at Anugerah Era.
2007 Best Dress - Anugerah Bintang Popular 06 Anugerah Bintang Popular
Top 3 - One of the 15 finalist for Malaysian Project RunwayMalaysia 2007.
2007 Winner of the Ethnic Chic Design Award 2007 Singapore Design Competition by Singapore Fashion Society.
2008 Hatta made his debut for the first time in M-IFW for the Designer of the Bumiputra Designer Association (BDA), and established to champion and promote bumiputra (indigenous) fashion talents. 

2008 Hatta was selected as Malaysian 10 Rising Star by Malaysian International Fashion Alliance 
(MIFA) for the 2008 Malaysian International Fashion Show

JM: What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?
It was for my final year collection line. I had to impressed chinese and japanese judges! I had to cover all grounds and do the best I can from preparing the mood board to execution. 

JM: Can you explain what usually happen when you meet a client for the first time. How do you know what design is best to suit her?
HD: Nowadays, it is quite easy. Customers tend to survey before meeting me so they would know or at least have an idea what they want. But, kadang2 sebagai designer, I sometimes give advice whether the silhouette would fit her and recommend better alternatives.

JM: What are the popular designs demanded by customers nowadays?
HD: Modern contemporary

JM: So, what's next for Hatta Dolmat?
HD: Traditional Songket. It's quite common for Bruneian brides. But, I am quite keen to introduce it in Malaysia. 

JM: Who is your favorite designer and inspiration?
HD: Elie Saab, Marc Jacobs and Zac Posen. Galliano, his designs are very glamorous. 

JM: Lastly, can you share any advice to aspiring fashion designers?
HD: Hmm... you need to know your identity and signature. Don't stop learning and never give up. Other designers should only act as inspiration but do not copy. Don't underestimate a good illustration in order to see the big picture. 

Interested to have his fabulous dress? 
You may contact him at +60173033091/+60134043820
twitter: hattadolmathdc 
instagram: hattadolmathdc
email: hattadolmat.hdc@gmail.com
(as mentioned in his website)

Hugs Kisses, Rai

03 February 2013

My Interview with Hatta Dolmat

Hi Fashionistas,

Yesterday was a very memorable day for me as I was lucky enough to meet one of my inspirations that has a fair share of the fabulous and glamorous Malaysian fashion world. 

Hatta Dolmat, a fashion designer that has made dresses to celebrities such as Ziana Zain, Siti Nurhaliza and Erra Fazira (to name a few!) and infamous for his embellishments was in Brunei for a few days amid his busy schedule to meet with the clientele in Brunei. He was invited by a talented Brunei Baker, Citscakes (follow her on instagram @citscakes. PS: her red velvets are to die for). 

I managed to ask a lot of questions that I have always wanted to ask a person of his calibre. I mean, aren't you curious how he made it big? And he was kind enough to give his time and opinion and inspiration which I can't wait to share it with you soon. Simply fab!

Please stay tuned to this website in the next one week. This will be my first and (I would want it to be one of the) best fashion article Jahit Manik has yet to offer. Can't wait!

Fabulous. Stay Tuned. 

Hugs and Kisses, 

02 February 2013

As Coco Chanel says...Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway.

Always love those runway songs? Well, good news, fashionistas! NYC Fall Fashion Week's Playlist is out and I am loving the tracks!

What are you waiting for? Start downloading and as Coco Chanel says, make everyday a fashion show. 

Life is short. Be Glam today.