27 March 2013

Lace on lace

Lace on Lace Waist detail: $60. One layered waist detail: $50

Firstly, apologies for the un-ironed top. Somehow, it's obvious in photos. Need to invest on a steam iron man. This picture does not do justice! 

This is one of my favorite work that I have done so far! The client wanted details yet keeps the versatility of a black top. And since a black-on-black lace is too plain, we layered it with a nude lace. So it's layered! 

It's embellished with swarovski crystals and round glass beads. 

Don't hesitate to contact us at +673 8680605!

Jahit Manik's Ready-to-Wear


Jahit Manik's first ready-to-wear piece.

This collection aims to show the different techniques and materials that Jahit Manik has to offer. We aim to produce an item a few times in a month as it gives us time to design each project in a better quality. 

Peplum Top

Colour: Salmon 
Details: White Cording Lace applique on waist and sides with 3D flowers and faux pearl beads.
Size: 30inch waist (fits up to UK 12)


Don't hesitate to contact me at +673 8680605 for more info!


Brunei Wedding

A close friend of mine just got married a few weeks ago. Typically, in a malay wedding, the newly married couple tend to wear tenunan or woven fabric (most of the times with silver or gold thread).

Anyway, her sleeves caught my attention. Look.at.all.that. BLING in the beadwork. Now that is ALL OUT. Simply Fabulous!

I wish I have a picture of her on stage, she was both figuratively and literally sparkling.

Congratulations to Miss S, or now its Mrs.A for your beautiful day. May your married life be blessed with happiness, laughter, wealth and prosperity, babe.
Attire is designed by Hjh Lina, aunt of the bride. 

Hugs and Kisses.