10 December 2014

A Thank You note

Hello followers.

Haven't been around but hope you have been following our latest work on Instagram. Follow @jahitmanik if you haven't done so!

Since the introduction of Jahit Manik kaftans in February this year, it allowed me to combine unique colours, designs and explore new type of laces which have been an unimaginably amazing experience. I get to meet a lot of new people with different tastes which gave me more understanding of the fashion market in Brunei. Starting with a mere less-than-10 laces earlier this year, now Jahit Manik has beyond 100 laces to choose in a huge spectrum of colours, types and textures. Our chiffon colour selection has increased immensely too with atleast 80 colours. Syukur Alhamdulillah. I promise myself to offer never been seen laces, newer lace patchwork designs and new designs (keep an eye on flutter)! Insya Allah.

I would like to thank everyone who have been involved in making Jahit Manik where it is now. My family for their undying support from lace cutting, quality control review, organising, keeping my daughter entertained and occupied. I definitely can't do this without you all. Secondly, my truly valuable and important stakeholders, my customers, thank you for your support, loyalty and trust to make an outfit for you. Customers who came back over and over again... Masya Allah Bless you.

Here we are. December 2014. Jahit Manik has been running on maximum capacity for most of the year and we are planning to expand! New distribution channel, bigger team, new location. 2015, a year of more possibilities and opportunities. Insya Allah, if Allah permits. I can't wait!

It's  time for me to take a break until the new year. It has been such a successful year for Jahit Manik which also means an extremely hectic year for me. It's time to sleep 8 hours a night (for atleast 2 weeks). I can't wait to spend time with my daughter and her dad. She'll be one soon!

May Allah Bless you and may you all be surrounded by your loved ones with prosperity, great health and happiness. Amin. Have a fabulous holiday and new year.

Love, Rai Ranie